Youth Working Forward

Our online tool helps increase the number of young adults successfully becoming employed.


YWF offers expert advice and tools to help young adults get jobs

ywfPlenty of websites help adults find jobs, but few are dedicated to young adult job seekers. Youth Working Forward (YWF) was developed to bridge that gap. YWF is the technological extension of PSW Youth Careers. With dedicated career specialists in a limited number of areas, it’s simply impossible to serve the 43 cities and towns within our region.

Youth Working Forward changes the game. Now technology allows us to be at the fingertips of any young adult with access to the internet. It enables us to build capacity for our programs without the expense of brick and mortar offices.



With just the click of a mouse youth have access to:

• expertise in job searches
• interview preparation tips
• networking recommendations
• advice on mastering online assessments
• dress for success info and videos
• even information on what to do once you’re hired

The site even offers two resume wizards and a cover letter wizard that assist in the preparation of clean, professional documents appropriate for a job hunt.

We can’t sit in our offices with each and every job seeker in our region, but we can offer them all the same expert advice and tools at school, at home, or at the library—any place they can type: Take a look today! Then pass the URL on to someone you know who may be job hunting. It just might be the tool that helps them launch a career.