Man painting over white wall with green paint using paint roller

From start to finish, PSW Youth Careers has expertise in putting young people to work.  We offer employers assistance, from creating job descriptions through the hiring process, and support both the employer and the young adult during employment. Youth can contribute and add value to your company in many ways. Hiring a young adult for the summer is a great opportunity to help you with that back-burner “To Do” list you just can’t find the time to complete. Many employers ask us “What can I expect from a young adult? What can they do?”  We have the answers.

Young adults have transferable skills to work in areas of computer technology, administration, organizing inventory, customer service and certain types of labor. The return on investment works for everyone. You have one or more items gone from your “To Do” list, and young adults gain valuable work experience to move forward in life. Youth summer employment is a win-win situation for all.