The STEM Education Center at WPI runs a special program for K-12 educators to guide teams from schools and districts in the process of developing a strategic plan for STEM/STEAM integration.

This summer, participating district leaders included teams from Alhuda Academy (Worcester), Belchertown Public Schools, John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science (Boston), and the Pioneer Valley Regional School District.

One of the highlights of the summer institute is a panel with STEM business/industry leaders. PSW STEM Career Specialist, Laura Purutyan, was invited to sit on the panel due to her expertise in workforce development. Other panel members included school district leaders from around the Commonwealth as well as industry panelists Jeff Stolz of Raytheon, Kris Hojnoski of BJA Magnetics, and Manny Gomez of Metso Automation in Shrewsbury. Panelists shared models of STEM business/industry collaboration, detailing the benefits to both the business and school communities. They also specified the desired skills and expectations for incoming workers.

PSW was honored to be part of the panel and fully supports the work of the STEM Education Center.