Miguel Lopez and Jacob Gale taking direction from Mark Gibbs in the IT department.

The Marlborough Summer Jobs Program is up and running. Ten Marlborough youth are participating in the program, which is a collaborative effort between Partnerships for a Skilled Workforce (PSW) and the city of Marlborough. Thanks to funding from Mayor Arthur Vigeant and the City Council, this program is in its fifth year placing youth in jobs around the city. PSW recruits HS students and gets them ready for their first day of work by helping the youth with resumes and interviewing skills, teaching employer expectations, and supporting them throughout the placement.

Students had various reasons for choosing the Marlborough program. Miguel Lopez, a rising junior at MHS working in the IT Department said, “I wanted a summer job, and I was interested in this position because I want to study computer science and coding in college.” Johanynne (Jojo) Pereira, a recent graduate of MHS and library worker claimed, “I applied to the program because I wanted to help my community and also earn some money.”

Based on early impressions, did the jobs meet student expectations? Shane Kieran, a rising senior at MHS and Housing Department employee, exclaimed, “To be honest, I was not really sure what to expect going into this job; I had never worked in this field before, and couldn’t really picture what sort of tasks I would be completing. But I was pleasantly surprised to find I am working around many nice staff members and co-workers, and I’m enjoying the variety of jobs I’m assigned around the city.” Jojo also had positive feedback about her library position, “Yes, the program has met my expectations so far, because it has given me the chance to help my city, and it has been a lot of fun too,” she professed.

By the looks of it, everything seems to be working out for the students…and for the city of Marlborough too.