Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

We build the STEM pipeline and develop young talent in Metro Southwest.


PSW Youth Careers partners with Marlborough Public Schools and Jobs for the Future (JFF) to bridge academics with the real world.

The Marlborough STEM program is a national leader in developing career pathways in high growth industries.

This program is the ultimate example of college and career awareness, exploration and immersion. Students graduate excited with real world knowledge and better prepared for their future STEM careers.

The STEM partnership propels students toward high-demand jobs through:


  • A rigorous, integrated academic and career-focused program
  • A robust sequence of career awareness / work-based learning experiences
  • Comprehensive college and career guidance
  • Deep involvement by industry partners, from curriculum development to on-the-job training
  • A range of supportive services such as after-school tutoring, transportation and counseling
  • Dual enrollment / college credit coursework

Examples of business/industry partnership activities and opportunities:


  • Consult with extracurricular clubs
  • Tutor students in STEM courses and project work
  • Judge at MHS Science Fair and STEM Expo and/or bring a display table or presentation
  • Discuss STEM sectors with students at a career panel event
  • Volunteer time to inspire families and community with school-to-career success stories

Why the STEM partnership is critical

“We have an inadequate pipeline of people and teachers skilled in those subjects.” —Department of Labor

According to Jobs for the Future, half of our nation’s youth reach their mid-20s without the skills or labor market credentials demanded by today’s economy. Students who can attain the requisite training and skills needed by their local workforce have a much better chance of landing and retaining jobs and establishing successful careers. As a workforce intermediary, PSW leverages the supply-and-demand of the job market along with educators and employers to help students graduate high school/college with sound employment options.

Our goal is to increase the number of students and teachers who are proficient in these fields. Together we can create a workforce that is better prepared, higher skilled and motivated to succeed.

A relevant STEM education is not just about content. It’s also about teaching students how to develop and employ a variety of 21st century skills that will promote success in college and career.” — Dan Riley, Director of the STEM Early College High School in Marlborough  For additional information about the STEM Early College High School: STEM Portal

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