hologicOn August 10, Marlborough High School Biology teacher, Jo-Anne Sawyer, and six MHS students toured Hologic, a global healthcare and diagnostics company now headquartered in the city. The tour was part of PSW STEM Career Specialist Laura Purutyan’s efforts to partner with educators like Sawyer to integrate real-world applications into classroom project-based learning.

The group enjoyed an in-depth view of the product development process from lab to manufacturing and packaging. The collaboration between Hologic and Marlborough High School is ongoing. Hologic has loaned their expertise by consulting with faculty; conducting informational interviews with students in the medical and engineering pathways; judging at the STEM EXPO; participating in career panel discussions; and offering internships for 11th and 12th grade students. Hologic’s dedication to the STEM program has made them one of PSW’s STEM Champions.