We put young adults and employers together

Envisioning an ideal labor market

PSW envisions an ideal labor market when prospective employees no longer worry about finding jobs and employers no longer worry about finding skilled, capable workers.

PSW Youth Careers focuses on:

  • Jobs for young people where they gain the skills needed to succeed in the current economy
  • Technical and social skills necessary to maneuver successfully in today’s workplace
  • Career pathways through post-secondary education and apprenticeships
  • Social and professional networks that help youth gain exposure and experience in a variety of work environments
  • Support services to help those facing barriers overcome obstacles

Our Mission:

PSW Youth Careers works to empower disadvantaged and disengaged youth in the Metro Southwest region of Boston. Through education and work experiences, the Youth Careers initiative gives young adults the tools to overcome barriers and move into self-sustaining employment in sectors of the economy where there is a need.

Access and exposure are the guiding elements of PSW Youth Careers as inexperienced young workers traverse the path to career success. Career exploration and hands-on learning are key to gaining an understanding of the job market and finding the best fit in terms of employment.